Chicken is Back!

chicken in the pan

We’ve raised pastured broilers for about 7 years now.  Chicken and eggs were what we started our farm with in 2010.   Back then we got in 100 baby broiler chicks a week and processed about 80 +/- per week.  This meant there was around 700-900 birds in the field at any one time.  We raised them year round including during the drought of 2011.  After that year we asked ourselves, is this sustainable for us and right for the birds?  During the summer in Texas, the Cornish cross birds we grew needed to be kept cool and this means misters in every pen and hundreds of gallons of water per day.  Every day we would go move their mobile protection pens to a new patch of grass and have to unhook and hook back up the water lines on all pens to keep the birds cool.  This breed was still susceptible to the  heat and our losses were greater than we could tolerate.   The solution was one of two things for us:  1) use a different breed that tolerated the heat better, or 2) stop raising them in the summer.

Ultimately, the latter is what we decided was best for both us and the birds.  So starting a few years ago, we processed the last batch in mid June and took a 2 month break before getting baby chicks again in August.

This has worked well for our farm plan and our stress levels and most important, the well being of the birds.

Chicken is now back in stock at Taylor Farm.  Raised on pasture, supplemented with certified organic non-soy feed from Coyote Creek Feed Mill right down the road.  Yes, this all costs a lot more than confinement house chicken but your health is worth it. The fresh taste and texture of this chicken is unlike anything you’ll find at a grocery store.

We have whole chickens, boneless skinless breasts, leg quarters, wings and stock packs.  There are limited supplies each week, so reserve yours today!

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