The WHOLE HOG! or Cow

Craving pork chops, roasts, ground pork, bacon?  Thick juicy steaks?  Read on!

We currently have several pigs available for whole or half sales.   Price is $5.25 per lb. hang weight and this includes us transporting the animal to Smithville Food Lockers for you and the processing costs!   The pigs are running about 175-250 lb. for hang weight for whole pig.   Processing costs include slaughter fee, vacuum sealing each cut and curing if desired for bacon.   Any sausage, ham cures, etc are extra.    You will pick up your packaged meat from Smithville.   Since the meat is vacuum sealed and frozen, it will be good for at least 6 months!   We are happy to help you to explain cuts sheets and help you determine what cuts you’d like to have back.    Short on freezer space and want less than a half?   Get a friend to buy in with you on a half, or email/call us and we will be happy to put you on a list to pair buy with someone as they come available.

We also have a whole or side of beef bulk for sale.   Price for beef is $6.75 per lb. hang weight and includes all the same as the pigs!  The hang weight is typically 275-325 lbs. for beef.   Our cattle are miniature Hereford and tend to run a little smaller.

You can get organ meat, bones and fat back from the animals too.   Explore new dishes with organ meat, make your own broth with the bones and render the fat for cooking or making soaps!

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