Summer Time!

It’s that time of year when the heat is starting to get to us HUMANS, plants and animals.

Chickens have slowed in their laying, pigs are in the wallow staying cool and the cattle eat, then hang out in shade to chew their cud.

We have heat loving crops in the ground, but even they droop and are weary from the heat.    In July we’ve had 13 days of at least 100 degree temperatures.  We’re hoping for a cool front next week to bring us back to low-mid nineties.

We consider this time of year our down time like farmers in the north consider snowy winter months downtime.   The only drawback is that customers want summer vegetables in the summer.   So it’s really only a partial rest.    We start early and work a shorter day outside in the field, working only in the afternoon heat to feed, water and make the animals comfortable.   Then we try to catch up on paperwork and order seeds for the fall.

Stay cool our friends.

2 thoughts on “Summer Time!”

  1. Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. I think I requested eggs (2 doz) for this Tuesday, but just in case……: ).


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