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We will be restocked on Pork on August 24th.   Thanks for your patience!
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Bulk meat pricing discount:   $200-500 total gets a 5% discount.   $501+ total gets a 10% discount.  Shop by appointment at the farm,  email/call an order in and prepay for delivery to farmers market or home (limited availability).


$6.00/large dozen, $6.50/jumbo dozen


Smoked bacon — $10.95/lb. (currently out of stock)

Pork Belly (sliced or Chunks) –  $8.95 lb. (currently out of stock)

Garlic, Jalapeno-Cheese, Sweet Italian, Spicy, or Bratwurst sausage links — $11.00 (4 links to a package, 1 lb)

Sausage Bundle!! – try one package of garlic, sweet Italian, spicy and Bratwurst and save! – $40 bundle

Pan sausage (mild, sweet italian or spicy) — $7.50/lb.

Ground pork — $7.00/lb.

Roasts (2-3lbs.) — $5.00/lb. – Shoulder, Fresh Ham or Butt (sold out )

Chops (1″ cut, 2/pkg) — $8.00/lb. (sold out)

Pork Tenderloin – $12 lb. (some are cut, so smaller pieces) – (SOLD OUT)

Smoked Hocks – $3/lb.

Bones — $2/lb.

Lard (for baking and cooking) — $5.00/half pint, $9.00/full pint (made on request, please preorder)



Ground beef — $8.00/lb., or bulk buy – 5 for $35, 10 for $60 (limited time offer)

       Lean stew/Stir fry meat — $8.00/lb.

Fajita/flank/tenderized round meat — $7.50/lb.

 Roasts — $6.00/lb

Sirloin (1″ cut) — $9.00/lb

NY strip ( 2/package) — $16.00/lb

Ribeye (2/pkg) — $16.00/lb

Tenderloin — $16.00/lb.

Liver  — $3.00/lb.

Heart – $3.00/lb.

      kidney – $3.00/lb

Soup (shank) bones — $5.00/lb.

Marrow/Dog bones — $3.00/lb.

      Rendered tallow (for baking and cooking) — $5.00/half pint, $9.00/full pint (made on request, please preorder)

Retailer for H&H Feed* (always non-GMO, non-soy, and non-medicated):

We carry these in stock –

Mini Pelleted Layer  (50lbs.) — $22.00/bag

Scratch Grain (50lbs.) — $22.00/bag

Swine (50lbs.) — $21.00/bag

Other feeds available special order.

Find us at these markets:

  • Lakeline Farmers Market, Cedar Park, 9am-1pm Saturdays
  • Pflugerville (Heritage Park), 4 — 7PM, Tuesdays (April through December)
  • Lexington Farmers Market, Lexington, Tx on the square – 8:30am – 12:30pm (most Saturdays)
  • Round Rock (University Village behind the Ikea) 10-2 PM, Saturdays

You can call, text, email an order for meat to pickup at Lakeline Farmers.    Let us know what you want and we’ll weigh and send you the total.   Pay by cash, paypal, VENMO, credit card or bring a check to the market.

We accept cash, checks, and plastic.